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Historical Overview

In September 1987, NDU initiated its 'Visual Arts' programs within the Faculty of Humanities. Subsequently, in September 1994, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was established. The Ramez G. Chagoury Faculty of Architecture, Arts, and Design (FAAD) came into existence in September 1999. FAAD has evolved from two distinct Departments, Visual Arts and Architecture, into a unique, expanding, and autonomous Faculty, encompassing four Departments, each offering a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate majors.

During the Fall of 2001, majors in Graphic and Interior Design were introduced at the North Lebanon Campus (NLC). In the Fall of 2002, the Graphic Design major commenced at the Shouf Campus (SC). In 2010, the Architecture department began admitting students at both the NLC and SC campuses.

As of Spring 2020, FAAD comprises three departments, with a total enrollment of 661 students across its three branches.

Currently, the Faculty bestows various degrees in a wide range of disciplines, catering to both undergraduate and graduate students.


FAAD Deans

  • Dr. Nadim Karam, 2000-2003
  • Dr. Shehwan Khoury, (Acting Dean) 2003-2004
  • Dr. Assaad Eid, 2004-2007
  • Mr. Habib Melki, (Acting Dean) 2007-2012
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre El Asmar, (Dean) 2012-2019
  • Dr. Habib Melki, 2019-2022
  • Dr. Karen BouJaoude, (Interim Dean) 2022-Present
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