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The mission of the Bachelor’s degree in Political Science is to build the characteristics of high intellect, moral integrity, enlightened citizenship, human solidarity, and responsible leadership by providing a balance of practical, theoretical, and applied course work in the concerned areas of study to students.


Program Educational Objectives

The program introduces students to the field of Political Science in general, and concentrates on American Studies. In addition to the general Political Science courses, students take courses which include: American History, American Constitutional Law, Government and Politics of the US, American Political Parties and Pressure Groups, and American culture. The major program will equip students with professional preparation in the respective areas to include: Public sector, Foreign Service, international and regional organizations, multi-national corporations, banking institutions, media and other enterprises.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the program will be able to:

  1. 1.Demonstrate command in the history and politics of American institutional and cultural structures and processes;
  2. 2.Identify the domestic and global role of the United States in social, political, and economic development;
  3. 3.Produce academic research papers and reports in the area of American Studies; Identify the major theories explored in American Politics.


Liberal Arts Curriculum (30cr.)

Electives in GIR (24cr.)

Free Electives (6cr.)


Total 105 Credits
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