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Gender Studies is a growing field of studies that cuts across most disciplines. Gender Studies analyses the social construction of the roles of females and males in society and its impact on individuals, communities, societies, states, and the international system. The importance and significance of having a focus on gender in international affairs, political science, education, sociology, nutrition, and medicine has been highlighted in most university institutions globally. The significance of integrating gender understanding and analysis in the Middle East is vital to understand contemporary events and their effects on development of citizenship, peace, and security. The NDU Handbook references gender in its identity statement, admission policy, and in various Faculty values statements. With this in mind, the FLPS has put together a minor in Gender Studies to explore the impact of gender on policy-making, global governance, and social engagement.

The Minor in Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that would be of particular benefit to students in the following majors and fields of study:

  1. 1.Primarily in Education, Sociology, Literature, Psychology, Political Science, International Affairs, Public Administration, Communication Arts; and
  2. 2.Peripherally in Natural sciences, Religion, Philosophy, Advertising and Marketing, Business Management.

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