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Strategic studies deals with the attempts of sovereign states, and other international players (i.e. UN, EU, NATO, etc.), to deal with the contemporary issues challenging their political and economic interests. It enables students to combine their knowledge of politics with a review of the international environment in which it takes place. This interdisciplinary academic field of study is dedicated to the relationship between the political process, geography, the allocation of natural resources, economic development, and military power. The curriculum also includes the role of diplomacy and threats in the preparation and use of force. Specific topics include the emergence and resurgence of major regional powers such as China, India, and Russia, the changing role of the US as the world’s remaining superpower, political Islam, and the military, economic, political developments in crisis regions in Africa, the Middle East, and Central and Southern Asia.

The minor in Strategic Studies at NDU allows students to broaden their knowledge comprehensively across multiple Faculties. Issues related to economics, politics, international relations, resources, and technology would thus gain different dimensions in the minds of the students, who would then be able to apply their knowledge to the world around them.

The minor in Strategic Studies would be of particular benefit to students in the following majors and fields of study:

  1. 1.Primarily in Political Science, Public Administration, International Affairs and Diplomacy, Business Administration, Energy Economics, International Business Management, Advertising, Sociology and Marketing; and
  2. 2.Peripherally in Natural Sciences, Psychology, and Economics.

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