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The mission of the B.A. program in International Affairs and Diplomacy is to provide students with a broad well-rounded education in the areas of international relations, diplomacy, international organizations, Lebanese government and politics, regional politics, basic international law, basic international political economy, and peace and security. The goal, thus, is to equip students with the higher educational skills, which will enable them to fulfill their career objectives and provide society with skilled graduates to meet diplomatic Foreign Service and a variety of other public and private sector needs.


Program Educational Objectives

The BA program of International Affairs and Diplomacy is designed to provide students with broad knowledge in the field. Graduates are prepared to work in several career areas. These include the Lebanese Government, notably the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; international and regional organizations such as the United Nations and its various agencies, multinational corporations, banking institutions, educational institutions, and, among others, media enterprises and the like.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the B.A. in International Affairs and Diplomacy will:

  1. 1.Be able to demonstrate a clear grasp of the basic IR theories that allow them to understand international relations and the factors shaping the behavior of states and non-state actors in the international system;
  2. 2.Recognize the critical role of diplomats and diplomacy in international affairs;
  3. 3.Accumulate a good understanding of international organizations and be able to pursue careers with such organizations;
  4. 4.Compile the necessary skills to pursue careers in diplomacy and the diplomatic service;
  5. 5.Develop a broad understanding of the array of political, economic, strategic, and cultural factors that shape international politics.

Graduation Requirements

Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts at the Department of Government and International Relations (DGIR) must complete a total of 105 credits for all majors with an overall average of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum average of 2.0/4.0 in the major requirements.


Liberal Arts Curriculum (30cr.)

Electives in GIR (24cr.)

Free Electives (6cr.)

Electives: 9 cr. from IAF courses.

Suggested Program

Fall Semester Year I (15cr.)
IAF 211 Intro. To International Relations 3 cr.
ENL 213 Sophomore Rhetoric 3 cr.
POS 2 01 Intro. to Pol. Science 3 cr.
CSC 201 Computer & Its Use 3 cr.
LAC 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year I (15cr.)
PAD 201 Intro. To Public Admin. 3 cr.
ENL 230 English in the Workplace 3 cr.
IAF 231 World Political Geography 3 cr.
ECN 212 Macro – economics 3 cr.
Major Elective 3 cr.
Summer Session Year I (6cr.)
LAC 3 cr.
POS 240  Law and Society 3 cr.
Fall Semester Year II (15cr.)
IAF 301 Modern Political Ideologies 3 cr.
PAD 241 Administrative Law 3 cr.
POS 210 Government and Politics of Lebanon 3 cr.
IAF 321 Diplomacy: Theory and Practice 3 cr.
POS 350 Comp. Gov. & Politics 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (15cr.)
POS 442 Lebanese Const. Law 3 cr.
POS 353 Governments of the Middle East 3 cr.
IAF 322 Lebanese Diplomacy 3 cr.
Major Elective 3 cr.
LAC 3 cr.
Summer Session Year II (9cr.)
Major Elective 3 cr.
Free Elective 3 cr.
Free Elective 3 cr.
Fall Semester Year III (15cr.)
POS 382 Research Methods 3 cr.
IAF 401 Public International Law 3 cr.
IAF 407 International & Regional Organizations 3 cr.
IAF 402 Human Rights in Intl. Pol. 3 cr.
POS 345 Ethics & Leadership 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year III (15cr.)
IAF 409 Foreign Pol. Making of the M. P. 3 cr.
IAF 403 Arab Israeli-Conflict 3 cr.
IAF 471 Modern Europe 3 cr.
POS 479 Govt. & Politics of the US 3 cr.
IAF 490 Special Topics in International Affairs 3 cr.


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