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This program introduces students to the study of political systems in the Middle East, highlighting the Arab states of the region, but also focusing on Cyprus, Iran, Israel, and Turkey. Along with general required Political Science courses, students will take specialized courses on the dialogue of civilizations, human rights with an emphasis on the Middle East and NGOs in the region, and comparative public administration. The Government and Politics series of courses including the non-Arab countries will be tailored around the needs of students interested in working in the MENA region within an international and cross-cultural context. This program will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to work with international and regional governmental organizations, international corporations, research, advocacy-based NGOs, and regional and international media outlets. It will also help them bridge the gap between the economies and political systems of Europe and the Middle East and take advantage of the expanding trade relationships within the greater Mediterranean market.



Electives (9cr.)

Select 9 credits from IAF courses: IAF 211, IAF 231, IAF 301, IAF 321, IAF 322, IAF 401, IAF 402, IAF 407, IAF 409, IAF 490.
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