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Objectives and Outcomes

Academic and professional programs in Peace and Conflict Studies have considerably grown in number over the last decades to prepare students to become professional conflict resolvers. These programs are key in giving students the necessary skills and credentials to: Enroll in a Master’s program in conflict resolution; work as crisis management experts, activists, mediators, etc.; widen one’s horizons; Become active members in peace and justice related organizations and contribute to the many existing peace and conflict journals In addition to helping widen their students’ academic horizons and increase their employment opportunities, universities in Lebanon have the social responsibility of introducing their students to peace and justice concepts and skills. Lebanon remains a conflict zone with few grassroots initiatives aimed at managing its disputes. The absence of grassroots inventiveness is the consequence of a shortage in conflict resolution training and programs. The youth’s powerlessness in the face of conflict leads it to despair and increase its dependency on the ruling class and/or migrate. NDU is committed to engage in building a qualified peace task-force and to take the lead in shaping Lebanon’s future conflict resolvers.

The minor brings varied disciplines into dialogue and collaboration enabling a comprehensive and original understanding with which to address the topics of peace and war. A minor that brings established fields of study together through course requirements would also bring students into dialogue.

The Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies would be of particular benefit to students in the following majors and fields of study:

  1. 1.Primarily in Education, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, and other social sciences.

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