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Statement of Fees

After applying for the housing facility, the student should pass by the Business Office to pay a deposit and 40% of the first semester fees. As for the returning residents, they should settle 40% of the semester fees along with the first payment during the tuition scheduled payment dates at the Business Office. 

If the student is not able to settle the amount on due dates, he/she should obtain a special authorization from the person in charge to access the facility; else, he/she will be denied to access the room.

The fees per semester per accommodation facility are as follows:

Block B (Female) & C (Male)

Type of Accommodation Fall Spring
Shared Accommodation 1,000 USD
1,000 USD
350 USD
Single Accommodation 1,500 USD
1,500 USD
550 USD

The deposit for shared accommodation is 200 USD.

The deposit for single accommodation is 300 USD.


The deposit will be refunded at the end of the staying period. In case of any damage to the room or to student housing facilities and furnishings, a fine will be charged and deducted from the deposit.


*Payments should be settled in cash USD.

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