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Male Student Housing

Block C, the male student housing, is located on-campus. This building provides students with services such as laundry, kitchen, TV room, Internet access, etc. A front desk clerk is always on duty to provide assistance. A nurse is on call every night in case of emergencies.

Block C can accommodate up to 213 students, distributed in 19 single rooms and 194 shared rooms. Each room is furnished with a single bed and mattress, computer desk, chair, wardrobes, mini-fridge, wash hand basin with mirror, blanket, bed cover, air-conditioning, cable TV, Internet connection, and internal telephone services. 

- Linen and “household” appliances are not provided. 
- Electricity supplying the Student Housing complex is 220 volts. 
- The facility is cleaned and maintained by professional cleaning personnel. 
- Students’ rooms are cleaned on a weekly basis.  
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