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Who Are The Peer Mentors?

Peer mentoring allows NDU students to partake in specific learning disability activities. It is an excellent method for peers to develop the capacity to learn effectively from their on-ground experiences and to provide appropriate behavioral models.


Mentorship is also a vital component of successful inclusion programs because it creates an opportunity to value differences and create a learning environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully.

Since students with learning differences often need to develop coping strategies for academic, social, and emotional challenges, having a mentor can help them feel more grounded.


Peer mentors are undergraduate students at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) who are willing to dedicate an hour of their day to the IDEAL program by serving and helping to support students with learning difficulties in their psychosocial development. They are study buddies, gym buddies, class buddies, activity buddies, work-out buddies, lunch buddy, and much more.

Psychology students can specifically benefit from the IDEAL Program by applying lessons learned in class to the real world. Their contribution can serve as a course project or an internship experience and provide them with exposure to a relevant field or industry.

Peer mentors must not be on academic probation, and can benefit from financial aid by allocating the hours they dedicate to the IDEAL program as part of the required work hours.

This mentoring program is open to:

  • Undergraduate Students applying for the Student Financial Aid Program
  • NDU Club Members
  • Psychology, Education and Special Education Undergraduate Students

To become a Peer Mentor, please contact Ms. Lama Badawi, IDEAL Program Director. A small interview will be conducted for applicants. 

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