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Academic Skills

Students will attain measurable academic milestones that align with their skills and interests. They will enroll in both NDU courses and IDEAL courses.

Program Design

  • IDEAL students enroll in three IDEAL courses per semester, which are taught by special educators from the SKILD center.
  • IDEAL academic courses primarily focus on English and financial literacy, essential for daily life.
  • Additionally, students have the opportunity to audit one regular course instructed by NDU professors each semester, based on their personal interests and career goals, which may encompass subjects such as arts, music, information technology, nutrition, religion, languages, etc.
  • The program director and faculty advisor collaborate to identify courses that align with the abilities of IDEAL students.
  • The program director and the team work closely with the course instructor to develop an individualized learning plan that outlines necessary accommodations and modifications related to the course.


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