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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please reference our FAQ for more information about the IDEAL Program.



Is the IDEAL Program a university diploma?
The IDEAL program is a two-year certificate program offered by Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) in collaboration with the SKILD Center.

What will the IDEAL student earn by the end of the program?
Each student will earn a certificate of completion and university transcript that includes the courses and internships completed.

Does the IDEAL student learn a major?
No, through this program, IDEAL students will develop academic, career, adult living skills and self-advocacy strategies to enable them to survive and thrive in the working environment.
If a student has a general education diploma or an equivalent, can they apply for the IDEAL program?
Yes, any student who is unable to attend college as a traditional student and has a documented mild intellectual or developmental disability may apply.

How much does the program cost?

The program costs around 25,000,000 LBP per year, which includes academic coursework, internship and externship opportunities, technology and employment skills training, nutrition and exercise classes and on-campus social activities.

How will I know how a student is progressing through the program? Will I receive progress reports or grades?
Monthly data will be derived for each student, along with remarks and observations from instructors and supervisors. Progress reports will be shared with the students and parents at the end of each semester.
How many students will be selected for the program?
Up to ten students are accepted each year.

What kind of support will IDEAL student receive?
IDEAL students will receive support from program staff, university faculty and staff members and fellow NDU students. IDEAL participants are assigned student mentors who accompany the IDEAL students throughout their meals, exercise classes, social activities, to and from internship sites and academic courses.

What are the roles of peer mentors?
Most peer mentors work one-on-one with IDEAL students to help them complete tasks, meet their goals and enjoy the on-campus experience. The activities that mentors and mentees do together vary depending on the assigned role. Peer mentors are study buddies, gym buddies, class buddies, activity buddies, work-out buddies, lunch buddy, and much more.
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