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Consistent with the Faculty mission, the Bachelor degree of Business Administration in all of its related tracks adopts an inter-disciplinary perspective to prepare students for real-world challenges at the national and international levels. Through dynamic and continuous improvement of curricula, the program aims to prepare students for different career opportunities and further academic studies and professional certifications.  Moreover, graduates will be endowed with high ethical standards to act in a socially responsible manner.

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Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: General Skills

  1. 1. Business Knowledge: Our Graduates will have comprehensive disciplines knowledge in business
  2. 1.1.  Students should be able to demonstrate the understanding of core business knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing
  3. 2.Critical thinking and problem solving: Our graduates will be problem solvers and critical thinkers
  4. 2.1.  Students should be able to identify, analyze and solve business problems using appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques
  5. 3.Communication: Our graduates will be effective communicators
  6. 3.1.  Students should be able to prepare clear and concise written reports using the appropriate style and structure
  7. 3.2.  Students should be able to deliver effective oral presentation well-focused and rigorously delivered
  8. 4.Ethical and social responsibility: Our graduates will have a sound recognition of the ethical and social impacts of business practice
  9. 4.1.  Students should be able to identify ethical issues in business practice
  10. 4.2.  Student should be able to assess social implications in various business situation
  11. 5.Teamwork: Our graduates will be good team participants
  12. 5.1.  Students should be able to collaboratively and positively participate in teams



Graduation Requirements

Students seeking the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration – Management Concentration must complete a total of 92 credits with an overall average of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum average of 2.3/4.0 in the common core and major requirements. These 92 credits are divided into:


Liberal Arts Curriculum (27cr.)

Suggested Program

Fall Semester Year III (15cr.)
ACO 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr.
MGT 201 Fundamentals of Management 3 cr.
CSC 201 Computers and Their Use (LAC) 3 cr.
ECN 211 Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr.
ENL 213 Sophomore Rhetoric (LAC) 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year I (15cr.)
ACO 202 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr.
ECN 212 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr.
ENL 230 English in the Workplace (LAC) 3 cr.
STA 206 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics I 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.
Summer Session Year I (9cr.)
MRK 201 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 cr.
STA 207 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics II 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.
Fall Semester Year II (15cr.)
MAT 205 Mathematics for Business and Economics II 3 cr.
ECN 333 Managerial Economics 3 cr.
MGT 315 International Business 3 cr.
BAF 311 Principles of Financial Management I 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (15cr.)
MGT 311 Business Law 3 cr.
ACO 311 Managerial Accounting 3 cr.
MGT 317 Organizational Behavior 3 cr.
MGT 323 Software Tools for Business Applications 3 cr.
BAF 312 Principles of Financial Management II 3 cr.
Summer Session Year II (7cr.)
MGT 482 Management Internship 1 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
6 cr.
Fall Semester Year III (15cr.)
MRK 421 Sales Management 3 cr.
MGT 453 E-Business 3 cr.
MGT 425 Quantitative Techniques for Management 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.

Free Elective 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year III (15cr.)
MGT 429 Operations Management 3 cr.
MGT 431 Ethics in Business 3 cr.
MGT 433 Business Policy and Strategic Management 3 cr.

Free Elective 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.


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