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The Entrepreneurship minor is designed to help students who have an idea, a product, an innovation, unique expertise, or a solution to a real world problem that they want to develop into a new business. It fosters the spirit of entrepreneurialism which answers a growing market demand amongst Lebanese youths.

Students will learn about the core challenges facing entrepreneurs and the ways that entrepreneurs think about and approach these challenges. Courses develop competencies such as how to discover and evaluate new business opportunities, how to pitch and build support for your new business, how to finance the new venture, how to develop a strong business model, and how to craft a powerful business plan. Students who complete the Entrepreneurship Minor will have developed an understanding of the process of entrepreneurship and the essential factors needed for the successful growth of a new venture.

The entrepreneurship minor pairs well with many major outside of the Business Faculty and is thus open to students in all Faculties. The program complements a student’s major and encourages them to find creative and innovative ways to apply their knowledge.

Why a Minor in Entrepreneurship at NDU?

The growing number of established business incubators around the country in the past few years is one of many explicit indicators of an identified increasing entrepreneurship trend in the Lebanese market. This emerging trend is accompanied by an increasing need for technical, practical, and academic support to be provided to young entrepreneurs. Thus, NDU is seizing this opportunity by offering a Minor in Entrepreneurship to students who are pursuing their studies in different majors and have the intention and the aspiration to start their own business. Students coming from any major are potential candidates for this minor: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, architecture, nutrition, education, graphic design, fashion design, or even nursing (if they have a business idea in mind such as starting a home nursing agency for example), just to name few.

It is important to note that if NDU decides to start this minor, it will be the first and currently the only higher education institution offering this minor. This minor is not currently offered by any university in Lebanon.



The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (FBAE) is an accredited member of AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB accreditation is known, worldwide, as the longest-standing, most recognized form of specialized accreditation that an institution and its business programs can earn. Accreditation is a voluntary, nongovernmental process that includes a rigorous external review of a school's mission, faculty qualifications, curricula, and ability to provide the highest-quality programs.


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