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The MS in Financial Risk Management (denoted MS FRM) aims at providing aspiring candidates with a set of professional and technical skills allowing them to identify and manage various types of financial risk and solidly advance in their chosen pathway, whether that is further academic or professional studies, or employment. With adequate effort, our graduates will be well prepared to sit for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM ®) professional certificate and to pursue education in doctoral programs.

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Program Description

The MS FRM is designed to attract:

  1. 1.Financiers, bankers, investors, auditors and other finance/accounting/insurance professionals, preparing themselves for the next stage in their careers;
  2. 2.Fresh business and economics graduates preparing themselves to jump-start a career in financial risk management;
  3. 3.Professionals and business or economics graduates aspiring to pursue doctoral studies in financial risk management or any other subject allied to finance;
  4. 4.Professionals and graduates of other scientific disciplines, in particular, engineering and hard sciences, contemplating a move into the world of finance and risk management.


Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

General Attributes

LG1: Our graduates will be effective communicators.

  1. 1.Students should be able to prepare clear and concise written reports using the appropriate style and structure;
  2. 2.Students should be able to deliver effective oral presentation well-focused and rigorously delivered.


LG2: Our graduates will be critical thinkers.

  1. 1.Students should be able to critically analyze, synthesize, and evaluate alternative when making decisions.


LG3: Our graduates will have a sound recognition of ethical dimensions in business practice.

  1. 1.Students should be able to assess the ethical dimensions in various business situations.


LG4: Our graduates will be effective financial risk managers.

  1. 1.Students should be able to apply a variety of techniques to manage various types of risks.


LG5: Our graduates will have research skills.

  1. 1.Students should be able to conduct sound research.

Specific Attributes

LG6: Graduates will be effective financial risk managers.

  1. 1.Students should be able to apply a variety of techniques to manage various types of risks.

Research Skills

LG7: Graduates will have research skills.

  1. 1.Students should be able to conduct sound research.

Admission Procedures and Requirements

The requirements for entry into the MS FRM program are:

  • Business and Economics Graduates:
    • An application form duly completed;
    • Two recommendation letters, one of which is from a university professor;
    • A cumulative average of 80% or 3.0/4.0.
  • Other Scientific Discipline Graduates:
    • Same admissions requirements as indicated above in addition to up to 18 credits of relevant undergraduate business courses.


Applicants from institutions where English is not the language of instruction, a minimum score of 600 in the English Entrance Test is required.

Credit Transfer

Up to 6 relevant master’s level credits can be transferred from other relevant master’s programs. Relevant programs include (list not exhaustive):

  • MS, MA, MPhil or MRes programs in Business/Management;
  • MS, MA, MPhil or MRes programs in Economics or Financial Economics;
  • MBA (with or without concentration).

Graduation Requirements

Students seeking the degree of MS FRM must complete a total of 30 credits on full-time or part-time basis with an overall average of at least 3.0/4.0.


Core Support Courses (6cr.)

The two support courses aim at: 1. Increasing the MS candidates’ awareness of the main theories in the disciplines of Finance and Financial Risk Management. 2. Equipping the MS candidates with the latest statistical and financial econometrics techniques. 3. Providing the relevant training in finance research design, thus allowing them to write robust research proposals and conduct research at the forefront of the discipline.

Research Project (6cr.)

The final phase of the MS program consists of writing a structured Master’s research thesis in the areas of finance, financial risk management, operational risk management, or allied disciplines (financial economics, econometrics, internal controls, etc.) based on an approved research proposal. Rules governing the procedures and the management of the MS Thesis are provided by the Graduate Division.


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