Business Research Methods - MGT 435

This course explores the research process practices that are applied to the field of business. It equally aims at expanding the grasp of diverse research methodologies so as to train students to work on the research projects they will be handling in their different business disciplines. An analysis of pertinent research literature in business is conducted. Experience is acquired in making out and stating research problems, in deciding on and utilizing the suitable research methods, whether quantitative or qualitative, in devising a research project, as well as in gathering, investigating, recording, deciphering data and presenting the research outcomes. Students will learn how to use SPSS, the leading statistical software for social sciences. Through their practicing of the research process and SPSS, students will become more proficient and assertive while assessing research findings in their respective areas of specialization. If successfully completed, this course should enable students to carry out their own research proposals and projects. Prerequisite: Senior Standing.