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Note from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences at Notre Dame University.

We pride ourselves in preparing undergraduate and graduate students to become important contributors to the field of Health Sciences. We offer four undergraduate programs namely the Bachelor of Science programs in Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Safety and Quality Management and Medical Laboratory Technology and two graduate programs the Master of Science in Human Nutrition and the Master of Science in Food Safety and Quality Management. The Department offers access to a rich set of courses and resources, sophisticated laboratories and comprehensive supervised trainings.

Throughout their educational experience, students in the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences are taught and mentored by devoted faculty. Our faculty members come from diverse backgrounds and experiences to enrich students’ learning. Our faculty members value one-on-one opportunities for interaction with students and our students are given individual attention.

As you walk across the campus or as you surf the website of Notre Dame University, take a moment to think about how good it would feel to join us in an exciting and remarkable undergraduate or graduate experience. Looking forward to having you onboard.

Maya Abou Jaoude

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