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Note from the Chair

Lebanon was always known to have an outstanding hospitality and tourism industry in the region and across the world, enabling holders of hospitality and tourism degrees to have major work opportunities within the country as well as abroad.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the relevant knowledge and practical experience that would allow them to build a successful career in the industry. The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (DHTM) at NDU covers three different aspects of the hospitality and tourism sector: Hospitality Management, Food and Beverage Management, and Events Management, where students can select their concentration preference.

The DHTM faculty members are experts in the field, qualified, and committed to preparing students enthusiastically for the workplace by using multiple teaching methods and direct application techniques with all the required means of technology and work simulations.

The students’ clubs at the DHTM are active and continuously engaged in entertaining activities and projects that enrich students’ life at the University.

We aim at contributing to the hospitality and tourism industry with professional entrepreneurs and leaders in the market.

Join our program to enjoy the great experience!

You are invited to check our site for more details.

Mirna Kordab

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