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Note from the Chair

Thank you for your interest in the Economics Program at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) and welcome to the Department’s webpage. I hope you will find here useful information about our department, program, and faculty members.

In the Department of Economics, we are eight full time faculty members. One characteristic that distinguishes our department is our strong commitment to our students. This commitment takes three forms. First, we demand excellence in teaching by our entire faculty members. Second, we request from our faculty members continuous self-development in order to serve students with first class education. Third, we continuously revise our curriculum to meet the highest standards. The curriculum we propose is not a random walk thought but the result of in-depth discussions. Fourth, we create a collegial environment where students can interact with faculty members in seminars and round tables to discuss national/regional economic issues.

We are proud in the Department of Economics at NDU to offer an academically rigorous Bachelor of Science degree in Economics for students looking for an original and challenging educational experience. Our undergraduate program offers a set of courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and a variety of other applied courses in the discipline of economics. It trains professional economists for a variety of careers in the private and public sectors or within international agencies. The economics major at NDU provides students with analytical tools and critical thinking that will enable them to apply economic reasoning to problem solving in business, economics and political issues. It gives students an excellent solid foundation in economic theory and its application.

Our reputation rests on the quality of our faculty members. Our qualified faculty members have the knowledge and the experience to serve students and are well versed in research. Many faculty members regularly publish in international refereed journals. In fact, the number of publications is increasing and some of our faculty members received research international awards in recognition for their research. Some researchers are regional editor of international refereed journals while others were invited many times to act as journal reviewers. A number of researchers have secured research grants to finance their research projects. Other faculty members are regularly invited by national/regional televisions to analyze national/regional socio-economic matters.

Please surf our website to discover all our facets and read our latest news and events to see the different activities organized by our department that involve our faculty and students.

Dr. Roy Khoueiry

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