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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Consistent with the Faculty mission, the Bachelor Program in Hotel Management and Tourism - BHMT - at Notre Dame University-Louaize contributes to the development of the Lebanese tourism industry and provides local, regional, and international markets with high caliber professionals of different areas of expertise. 


Program Educational Objectives

The Hospitality, travel, and tourism industry ranks among the top three largest industries in the world. The NDU program of Bachelor of Hotel Management and Tourism is designed to prepare students for successful professional and executive careers in the hospitality and tourism industries by allowing them to specialize in one of the following three concentrations: Hospitality Management, Food & Beverage Management, as well as Hospitality Events Management. 

The various concentrations provide a sound foundation in hotel, restaurant management, and events management through focused academic coursework, hands-on work experience, and intense interaction with the industry. They also provide relevant educational opportunities for persons currently employed in these industries and wishing to upgrade their skills.

Hospitality and Tourism Management students at NDU benefit from a rare opportunity to acquire the international management techniques, and seek knowledge adapted to their professional career orientations and specializations. 

The academic program follows a dynamic process allowing it to adapt to the evolving and changing trends in the market. Students are required to perform practical internships locally and internationally to accumulate experience that will enable them to jump-start their careers. 


Program Learning Goals and Outcomes

1. Business Knowledge: Our Graduates will have comprehensive disciplines knowledge in the operation and management of hospitality-related enterprises.
1.1 Students should be able to demonstrate the understanding of core hospitality management knowledge and techniques.

2. Critical Thinking: Our graduates will be critical thinkers.
2.1 Students should be able to critically analyze information to solve business problems using appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques.

3. Communication: Our graduates will be effective communicators.
3.1 Students should be able to prepare clear and concise written reports using the appropriate style and structure.
3.2 Students should be able to deliver effective oral presentation well-focused and rigorously delivered.

4. Ethical and Social Responsibility: Our graduates will have a sound recognition of the ethical and social impacts of business practice.
4.1 Students should be able to examine and identify ethical issues related to hospitality management organizations.
4.2 Student should be able to assess social implications in various business situations.

5. Teamwork: Our graduates will be good team participants.
5.1 Students should be able to collaboratively and positively participate in teams.

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