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Returning Students

Returning students who are non-Lebanese and/or who are above 30 do not have to submit any document related to the below requirements. 


Returning Students benefiting from the following: 

1. The Social Security (الضمان الإجتماعي)
2. Cooperation (تعاونية)
3. The Army (الجيش)
4. A Municipality (بلدية)
5. The Lebanese University (الجامعة اللبنانية)
6. The Mutual Fund for Judges (صندوق تعاضد القضاة) must submit their official documents to the Department of Social Security at the Office of Student Affairs (SAO).


This procedure is repeated at the beginning of every academic year.


Documents needed:

- The original statement from the local office you or your parents belong to (إفادة من مركز التبعية الرسمي) which certifies your benefit along;
- A copy of the Family Status Record  (صورة عن إخراج القيد العائلي أو الهوية) or copy of Identity Card. 

Failing to do so before the deadline, students will not be able to register and will have to pay a fee of 600,000 LBP (قابل للتغيير بناءً على توصيات الصندوق الوطني للضمان الإجتماعي).


Students who have stopped benefiting from a governmental health plan (mentioned above) while at NDU must:

- Fill out Form A1 (تصريح عن طالب جامعيّ).

- Attach a photocopy of the Family Status Record (إخراج قيد عائليّ) not older than one year.


For more information, contact the Department of Social Security at 09-208000 ext. 2114 or via e-mail nssf@ndu.edu.lb.


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