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Project Title
Students Supervisor Semester
Automatic can Crushing Machine  Eddy Hashem  Dr. Francis Francis  Spring 2017
Maglev Gird Elevator  Basel Abou Dehin
Hadi Abou Ajram
Ray Saliby
Dr. Francis Francis  Spring 2017 
Guarded Hotbox  Maria Zalzal
Alain Khoury
Dr. Najib Metni
Spring 2017
The Solar Powerd Speed Boat Sunseeker
Elie Antoun
Serge Saadeh
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh  
Spring 2017 
Solar Panel Cleaning Machanism  Anthony Daou
Joseph Safi
Tony Sarkiss
Dr. Chady Ghnatios
Spring 2017 
Stable Renewable Energy Power Plant Charbel El Hajj
Jad Khalife
Maria Khoueiry
Dr. Chady Ghnatios
Spring 2017 
The Human Powerd Vehicle  Nicolas Abou Zeid
Jean Luc Eid
Ralph Nohra
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh  Spring 2017 
Autonomous Chess Board  Antoine Chaccour
Charbel Morkos
Dominik Nasr
Dr. Najib Metni   Spring 2017 
The Automated Bartender Tarek Abi Nader
Nicolas Dagher
Dagher Daghe
Dr. Najib Metni   Spring 2017
Agro Robot  Rawad Himo
Christina Chaccou
Dr. Najib Metni   Fall 2017
Motor Driven Can Crushing Machine  Rony Khoury  Dr. Francis Francis Fall 2017 
Smart Vawt  George Nehme
Jonathan Daou
Yorgo Yagh
Dr. Najib Metni 
Fall 2017 
Wave Energy Converter  Elias Fahed
Michel El Lakki
  Fall 2017
Nérite Waste Collector
Charbel Kahwach
Elio Msan
Dr. Chady Ghnatios  Fall 2017
Automated Griller  Hani Harik
Mohamad Mokalle
Dr. Francis Francis  Fall 2017
Waste to Composite Material  Shakeeb Rishani
Mazen Arnous
Adham Kai
Dr. Chady Ghnatios
Fall 2017 
The Folding Bicycle  Marwan Chemaly
Daniel Abou Rjeil
Dr. Francis Francis  Fall 2017 
DC Motor Parameter Identification Device  Elias Abou Mrad
Halim Laoun
Salim Abi Aa
  Fall 2017 
Potato Cutter & Peeler & Cooker  Anthony Fakhre
Donald Donabedian
Hisham Ibrahi
Dr. Francis Francis  Fall 2017 
Design and Manufacturing of a Quadro-copter Airship  Avedis Tchamichian
Rawan Al Bayati
Patrick El Hadda
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh  Fall 2017 
Waste Heat Recovery Using a Stirling Engine
Ahmad Nasr El Dine
Mostafa Al Masri
Dr. Francis Fracis
Fall 2017
Automated Friction Welding Machine
Charbel Takchy
Issam Harb
Patrick El-Khoury
Chakeeb Richani
Adham Kais
Dr. Francis Francis
Fall 2017
Point Absorber Waver Energy Converter
Michel El Lakkis
Elias Fahed
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh
Fall 2017
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