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Project Title
Students Supervisor Semester
Robotic Landing Gear for an Aerial Hexacopter Drone  Serge Bassil
Joe El Khoury
Joseph Medawar
Dr. Ghazi Asmar
Spring 2016
Design of a screw driver adaptable to any bolt size  Elias El Alam
Hikmat Sal7a
Dr. Francis Francis
Spring 2016
Solar Assisted Fixed-Wing R/C Airplane  Nemer Issa
Elie Hatem
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh
Spring 2016
Automated Saj Machine

Cessine El Mdawar
Christian Chalfoun
Georges Abi Farah
Dr. Najib Metni
Spring 2016
The Smart Irrigation System  Sabrina Fawaz
Melissa El Hajj
Nader Younes
  Spring 2016
Automated Portable Tent  Habib El Asmar
Anthony Haddad
Roy Mounzer
Dr. Chady Ghnatio
Spring 2016
Hydraulic Ram Pump  Elie Zeidan
Marwan Aoun
Dr. Najib Metni
Spring 2016
Generation of Clean Energy Through Improved Co-Digestion
Elise Jabagi
Georgio Chibani
  Spring 2016
Autonomous Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Mobile Robot  Nijad Abou Diab
Hani Naji
Majd Zaherddine
Dr. Najib Metni
Spring 2016
Design of a protective Shield  Nadim Dgheim
Wassim Alameddine
Dr. Francis Francis
Spring 2016
Cubesat Deployable Antennas  Marc Esso
Marc Anthony Meouchy
Mario Hayek
Dr. Najib Metni
Spring 2016
Automated Parking System  Elie Najem
Ziad Rizk
Jad Yazbek
  Spring 2016
Human Powerd Vehicle  Abdallah Doumit
Pierre Ouba
Rhea Mekanna
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh Spring 2016
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for a fire Fighting Mobile Robot  Jaysen El Khazen
Elite Maalouly
Imad Himo
Dr. Najib Metni  Spring 2016 
Wave Energy Converter Point Absorber  Elias Albona
Elio Frem
Guy Salame
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh  Spring 2016
Hybird Photovoltaic Thermol System Elie Karam
Maya Chamoun
Patrick MoukarZel
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh  Spring 2016
Pizza Making Machine  Gabriel Bado
Setrok Deurdulian
Hayg Achkarian
Dr. Chady Ghnatios
Spring 2016 
Smart Electric Bike
Teddy-Joe Antoury
Christel El Lakkis
Samer Mattar
Dr. Najib Metni 
Spring 2016 
Reverse Vending Machine  Mario Karam
Henry Manissalian
Moves Kendirjian
Spring 2016 
Water-Injected Engine  Selim Khalil
Adrew Al Nghayoui
Dr. Chady Ghnatios  Spring 2016 
Pearsons Building
HVAC & Firefighting Design

Mario Chakhtoura
Charbel Masri
Dr. Michel Hayek Spring 2016 
E-DWS Electric-Diving Water Sled  Ralph Morkos
Imad Saliba
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh
Spring 2016 
Automated Vegetable Cuter  Ali El Sabeh
Firas Al Hassanieh
Dr. Francis Francis  Summer 2016
Nuts Baking Machine  Elie Bou Saad
Elie Bassil
Dr. Chady Ghnatios
Fall 2016
The Cyber Windoor 

Jessica Chalhoub
Elie Istamboul

Mark Achkar

Dr. Najib Metni 
Fall 2016
2JZ-GTE engine Swap in an infinity G35
Fares Sfeir
Ibrahim Khaouli
Dr. Francis Francis
Fall 2016
Solar Furnace  George Eid
Mathieu Aziz
Dr. Chady Ghnatios  Fall 2016 
Wall Climbing Robot Roy Jebeily
Joe Sammour
Charles Azzi
Dr. Najib Metni    Fall 2016 
The Self-filing Water Bottle  Pia El Helou
Nateg Vartanian
Dr. Charbel Bou Mosleh   Fall 2016 
Autonomous Firefighting Robot  Joe Francis
Nicolas Chatrie
Roy Hamod
Dr. Francis Francis  Fall 2016 
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