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Objectives and Outcomes

The focus is on Typography in Graphic Design, students will develop a critical eye, and demonstrate proficiency in applying "type" to express clear and legible communication for different media. Students are qualified to manage a design project, and prepare and supervise for final production hereby enabling them to have additional work possibilities.
The Minor can be taken by all except Graphic Design students; only prerequisite is prior knowledge of Photoshop.
The courses are carefully chosen from the major to order for the students to arrive at a sufficient level of skills that allow them to actually produce design projects in print; therefore there are no electives.
In order to challenge the students, two courses with strong conceptual and creative process’ are included: GDP 321 Visual Communication and GDP 415 Branding for Graphic Design.

Career Opportunities

Students can work in the fields of Advertising Agencies, Design Studios, Production Houses, and Printing Presses and Webdesign Houses as Visual Communicators.


Suggested Program

Semester I (6cr.)
GDP 227 Digital Media I 3cr.
GDP 223 Fundamentlas of Typography 3cr.
Fall Semester Semester 2 (6cr.)
GDP 321 Visual Communication I 3 cr.
GDP 322 Applied Typograhic Design 3 cr.
Semester 3 (6cr.)
GDP 413 Print Management & Production 3 cr.
GDP 415 Branding for Design 3 cr.
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