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Ms. Dima Aou Ajram
Ms. Salwa Abdel Khalek
Ms. Marilyn Abdessater
Dr. Dania Adib
Ms. Maria Aoun - GRA
Ms. Mira Azzi 
Ms. Reve Berberi
Ms. Tonia Chahine - GTA
Ms. Romy Chammas
Dr. Rouaa Daou     
Ms. Jenny Elia
Ms. Rita El Helou
Dr. Cedra Ghsoub
Ms. Pascale Hindieh
Dr. Leina Al Hosry
Ms. Jizel Jahjah
Ms. Darine Mahmoud
Ms. Alia Makhlouf Zakhem
Mr. Jano Sawma  
Dr. Christelle Salameh
Ms. Nadine Shehabeddine
Ms. Nancy Terzia – GTA
Ms. Lara Yahya
Ms. Hayat Zeghondi
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