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Review and Selection Procedure

Exchange/Internship Programs (Managed by OIR-NDU)

OIR will establish a committee consisting of 3-5 relevant experts tasked with ranking applicants and selecting participants through a voting process. During the selection meeting, one member of OIR (non-voting) will be present to complete a reporting form assessing the fairness of the selection process.

Students will receive notifications regarding the status of their application from either OIR or the relevant department at NDU.

Exchange/Internship Programs (Not Managed by NDU)

Most of these programs are subject to review by external organizations. However, for programs that require internal review at NDU, OIR will assemble a committee of 3-5 relevant experts to rank applicants and select participants through a voting process. This committee will include at least one member of OIR (non-voting), who will complete a reporting form to evaluate the fairness of the selection process. 
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