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Operating Procedure

The following Operating Procedure is in accordance with the NDU Student Exchange Policy approved by the University Council and the Board of Trustees.


Exchange/Internship Programs (Managed by OIR-NDU)

Instituting New Exchange/Internship Agreements

We encourage all NDU members to establish connections with international institutions and initiate the process of designing academic cooperation agreements that benefit their respective units. The procedure for establishing new agreements is as follows:

1. A preliminary draft of the agreement is created by the two parties. The initiator of the agreement at NDU, whether it's OIR, Faculties, or NDU personnel (faculty members, staff, or directors), negotiates the terms with the external party and drafts the initial version of the agreement. We recommend referencing the "NDU MoU Template" and coordinating with OIR to ensure essential articles are included in the initial draft.

2. Prior to any signatures (from NDU or the other party), the preliminary agreement should be sent to OIR for review.

3. Following completion of the OIR review and consensus, OIR forwards the agreement to NDU Legal Counsel, who provides feedback to OIR. OIR then conveys the NDU Legal Counsel's recommendations to the negotiating parties.

4. The final draft, approved by all parties, is submitted by OIR to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs for signatures.

5. OIR maintains copies of signed agreements and forwards them to the NDU initiator and the other party.

Once the agreement is finalized, OIR will manage the agreements as outlined below.


Assessing Established Agreements

OIR will evaluate the effectiveness of agreements based on three criteria:

1. The number of NDU personnel who participated.
2. An exit survey administered by OIR to gather feedback from participants.
3. Consultations with the units that initiated the agreement.

This data will be presented to the Council of Deans for evaluation and discussion.

Renewing Expiring Agreements

When a decision is made to renew an agreement, with or without modifications, the renewal follows a procedure similar to establishing a new agreement. All agreements must first be approved by NDU Legal Counsel, who forwards them to OIR for further processing and signatures.

Managing Agreements

OIR will notify ALL relevant NDU personnel of due dates and application procedures related to each agreement. OIR will collect applications and oversee the review process. Once participants are selected, the relevant academic units will assist students in designing their curriculum abroad. OIR will coordinate with NDU administration and the pertinent offices at the partnering institution to facilitate administrative functions, such as student registration, housing, and transportation.

Exchange/Internship Programs (Not Managed by NDU)

OIR will inform students, staff, and faculty of relevant academic international opportunities offered by external institutions. Additionally, OIR will identify and foster international opportunities that could benefit NDU personnel. OIR will also provide assistance to NDU personnel during the application process.
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