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Mission, Vision & Values

General Description

In alignment with the NDU University mission, the Department of Accounting and Finance (DAF) is committed to offering high-quality BBA with concentrations in Accounting, Banking and Finance, and Financial Engineering. These concentrations provide students with sound theoretical education coupled with a solid professional and technical background. The DAF programs are designed to help students progress in their chosen career by developing the knowledge, skills, and competencies sought by employers. The breadth of subjects within these concentrations enable students, in addition to their major courses, to explore a range of business disciplines, including management, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy, and communications. Alongside the structure of the program, a professional team of instructors comprising of practitioners and researchers is dedicated to helping students achieve their study and career goals.


Consistent with the Faculty mission, the Bachelor degree of Business Administration in all of its related tracks adopts an inter-disciplinary perspective to prepare students for real world challenges at the national and international levels. Through dynamic and continuous improvement of curricula, the program aims to prepare students for different career opportunities and further academic studies and professional certifications. Moreover, our graduates will be endowed with high ethical standards to act in a socially responsible manner.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Business Knowledge: Our Graduates will have comprehensive disciplines knowledge in business.
1.1 Students should be able to demonstrate the understanding of core business knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

2. Critical thinking and problem solving: Our graduates will be problem solvers and critical thinkers.
2.1 Students should be able to identify, analyze and solve business problems using appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques.

3. Communication: Our graduates will be effective communicators.
3.1 Students should be able to prepare clear and concise written reports using the appropriate style and structure.
3.2 Students should be able to deliver effective oral presentation well-focused and rigorously delivered.

4. Ethical and social responsibility: Our graduates will have a sound recognition of the ethical and social impacts of business practice.
4.1 Students should be able to identify ethical issues in business practice.
4.2 Student should be able to assess social implications in various business situations.

5. Teamwork: Our graduates will be good team participants.
5.1 Students should be able to collaboratively and positively participate in teams.
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