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Assistant Professors

Abdelnour, George, Ph.D., 1997, Spanish , Yale University, USA 
Abou-Jawdeh, Simon, Doctorate, 2015, Clinical Psychology, University Caen Normandie,  France
Akl, May, Doctorate, 2009, Translation Studies, St. Joseph University, Lebanon 
Azouri, Marwan, Doctorate, 2017, Business Administration, Université Bourgogne, France
Badr, Georges, Doctorate, 2021, Economics, Universite Grenoble Alples, France
Bitar, Nicolas, Ph.D., 2005, International Finance and Economics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA 
Bou-Dergham, Nadine, Doctorate, 2020, Computer Science, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France 
Chaanine, Johnny, Ph.D., 2021, Business Administration-MIS, University of Nicosia, Cyprus, and DBA, 2015, Management, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France 
Chartouni, Joseph, Master in Architecture, 2006, Harvard University, USA 
Daou, Lindos, Ph.D., 2014, Business Administration, Université du Saint-Esprit Kaslik, Lebanon resignation or unpaid
Douaiher, Sandra, Ph.D., 2014, English Language and Literature, Université du Saint-Esprit Kaslik, Lebanon 
Eid, Marguerite, Ph.D., 2020, Business and Management, University of Gloucestershire, UK 
El-Gerges, Najwa, Doctorate, 2018, Therapeutic Education, Universite de Mulhouse Haute-Alsace, France
Al Hayek, Sibelle W., Ph.D., 2021, Medical Nutrition Science, The University of Kansas, USA   
El-Hage, Gabriel, Doctorate, 2011, Civil Engineering, INSA-Toulouse University, France 
El-Hage, Zaher, Doctorate, 2013, Science et Technique des Activités Physique et Sport (STAPS), Universite du Littoral Cote D’Opale, France
Feghali, Elias, Doctorate, 2015, Sustainable Chemistry, University Paris XI, France
Ghantous, Crystal, Ph.D., 2017, Biomedical Sciences-Physiology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon 
Hage, Leslie, MS, 1996, Library Science, The University of Arizona, USA 
Harb, Yara, Ph.D., 2021, Business Administration, Université du Saint-Esprit Kaslik, Lebanon
Hilal, Nisreen, D.B.A., 2018, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
Houssni, Joseph, Ph.D., 2014, Visual and Performing Arts: Cinema and TV, Université du Saint-Esprit Kaslik, Lebanon 
Ishak, Joanne, Ph.D., 2016, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tulsa, USA
Jibai, Bilal, Ph.D. 2018, Management, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania
Kassamany, Talie, Ph.D., 2014, Finance and Accounting, Kingston University-London, UK 
Kairouz, Kaissar, Doctorate, 2013, Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, Universite Rennes 2, France 
Karam, Layal, Doctorate, 2013, Food Sciences and Technology, Université Lille I, France
Kassab, Maroun, Ph.D., 2015, Architecture, The University of Sydney, Australia 
Khoury, Tarek, Ph.D., 2021, Design Innovation and Making (Myriad), Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Mady, Christy, Ph.D., 2016, Communication, Carleton University, Canada
Matta, Nadim, Master of Arts, 1999, Typographic Studies, London Institute/London College of Printing, UK 
Oueijan, Harvey, Ed.D., 2011, Saint Louis University, USA
Rizk, Ribal, Doctorate, 2017, Economics, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Saad, Ghadi, Doctorate, 2019, Business Management, Rennes School of Business, France
Samra, Kristine, Ph.D., 2021, Urbanism, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK
Sayyah, Rita, Doctorate, 2011, Information and Communication, University of Lumière Lyon 2, France 
Shebaby, Rina, Doctorate, 2021, Arts and Science of Arts, Lebanese University, Lebanon 
Skaf, Yahya, Ph.D., 2017, Business Administration, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Tannous, Joseph (Fr.), Doctor of Education, 2011, Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA 
Trad, Mony, Ph.D., 2019, Management, Cracow University of Economics, Poland 
Van Loan, Amira, Doctor of Education, 2013, Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA 
Yazigy, Amal, Ph.D., 1992, Applied Linguistics, Leicester University, UK 

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