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Center for Research on Sustainable Development (CROSD)

The Center for Research on Sustainable Development (CROSD) at NDU aims to investigate sustainability concepts in general with particular attention to regional challenges as regards water, energy, and the environment. The CROSD’s role is to  contribute to sustainable development by developing appropriate strategies and providing training for the proper optimization and implementation of integrated resource management.

Currently operating under the umbrella of the Faculty of Engineering (FE) at NDU, the CROSD and its research activities are multidisciplinary in nature and divided between technical- and management-oriented topics. Researchers from all disciplines are invited to contribute and share their expertise for the benefit of the community the Center serves.

In its dedicated effort to promote a sound and sustainable future, the foreseeable role of the CROSD is to interact with decision-makers and the community, and to secure and supply them with the necessary scientific, economic, and social data.

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