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Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) is a committed and responsible steward of the Earth and the human race. From innovation to public engagement, NDUers are striving to balance today’s economic, environmental, and social issues with related needs for the future. Explore our seven focus areas to learn more about how NDU students, faculty, and staff are cultivating collaboration and assuming the role as a premier hub for sustainability in operations, research, education, and engagement.

Sustainable Campus

NDU has launched across its three campuses a number of environmental initiatives since 2013, and the University continues to introduce a number of new projects in that framework. The next phase is to coordinate and align all environmental initiatives to serve one goal: The University environmental sustainability action plan that was presented during the conference of “Our Common Home: Sustaining a Green and ‘Clean’ Campus.”


NDU began initiating sustainability projects in 2013 when a team of internal experts worked, under the European Union’s TEMPUS program, on a self-study to evaluate and report all potential areas for development and growth in that direction. Further, a new Presidential Environmental Sustainability Task Force (ESTF) was created to develop an action plan and ensure that those sustainability projects were considered a top priority across all three of its campuses, i.e. Zouk Campus, North Lebanon Campus (NLC), and Shouf Campus (SC).

Focus Areas

1. Waste Management
2. Water Conservation
3. Carbon Footprint Reduction
4. Land Use & Ecosystem Preservation
5. Sustainable Procurement
6. Environmental Outreach & Service to the Community
7. Monitoring & Review

Working Groups

The working groups at NDU aim to raise sustainability awareness within the University and beyond the University gates, and work closely with a host of partners as well as the larger community to ensure that building a better tomorrow goes beyond ink on paper. 


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Take Action

NDU has made another bold step in the right direction to reach beyond its campus gates to partner with every strata of the larger community in a concerted effort to drive the sustainability transformation currently taking place across its three campuses. Such partnerships create jobs, build energy, ensure food security, and most important, encourage responsible stewardship of the environment.


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Discover NDU

  • Main Campus

    Notre Dame University-Louaize main campus is located in Zouk Mosbeh, a coastal area 15 km north of Beirut, Lebanon.

  • North Lebanon Campus

    The NDU-Louaize North Lebanon Campus is located on the green hills of Barsa, a quiet village in Koura, at an altitude of 100m.

  • Shouf Campus

    The NDU-Louaize Shouf Campus is located on one of the Deir El-Kamar hills, the St. Abda hill.

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