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NDU has launched across its three campuses a number of environmental initiatives since 2013, and the University continues to introduce a number of new projects in that framework. The next phase is to coordinate and align all environmental initiatives to serve one goal: The University environmental sustainability action plan that was presented during the conference of “Our Common Home: Sustaining a Green and ‘Clean’ Campus.” NDU President Fr. Pierre Najem recently announced the creation of the University Environmental Sustainability Ad-hoc Committee, which he would personally chair with the support of professional and knowledgeable faculty and staff members.

This University-wide Environmental Sustainability Committee supports the three campuses and is primarily mandated to:

  • Finalize the University Environmental Sustainability Plan (in alignment with the University Strategic Plan 2015-2020, Section 5.6.8, Goal V);
  • Monitor, review, and evaluate any existing environmental initiative, be it academic or non-academic;
  • Facilitate the creation of synchronized efforts toward the aforementioned plan;
  • Lead the way; and
  • Support all entities, as the need arises.


All faculty, staff, and students are, therefore, kindly required to consider this Committee as the official reference in all matters related to environmental sustainability and to inform and coordinate with the assigned co-chairs regarding any past, ongoing, or planned environmental initiatives.

The Committee will strive to meet sustainability goals addressing:

  • Waste Management;
  • Water Conservation;
  • Carbon footprint reduction;
  • Land use and ecosystem preservation;
  • Sustainable procurement; and
  • Environmental outreach and service to the community.

Committee Members

Technical sub-committee

  • Dr. Sophia Ghanimeh (co-chair for technical matters) - Associate Professor, FE, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Pauline Aad - Assistant Professor, FNAS, Sciences
  • Mr. Omar Sakr - Lecturer, FBAE, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Mr. Sayed Ghossain - Director, Office of Campus Services
  • Mr. Salim Iskandar - Director, Office of Physical Plant


Outreach sub-committee

  • Mrs. Emma Shaffu Chacar (co-chair for outreach matters) - Director, Office of Communications
  • Mrs. Joyce Menassa - AVP for Academic Support
  • Mr. Andre Fahed – Creative Director, Office of Communications
  • Ms. Nesrine Sfeir – Assistant to the President for University Advancement
  • Ms. Lara Khabbaz – Director, Office of Marketing 


  • Sustainability 1
  • Sustainability 2
  • Sustainability 3
  • Sustainability 4
  • Sustainability 5
  • Solar Water System 1
  • Solar Water System 2
  • Sustainability 1
  • Sustainability 2
  • Sustainability 3
  • Sustainability 4
  • Sustainability 5
  • Solar Water System 1
  • Solar Water System 2


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