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North Lebanon Campus

The NDU North Lebanon Campus is located on the green hills of Barsa, a quiet village in Koura, at an altitude of 100m. The campus overlooks both the beautiful bay of El Mina- Tripoli, and the high mountains of Ehden and Bcharré. Morevover, it lies within a 10-15 minutes driving distance from Ttripoli, Zgharta, Chekka, and other villages in Koura.

The clean and quiet environment and the moderate climate add the charm and attraction of the campus. The campus lies on a piece of land of 50,000 square meters donated by the village of Barsa. The first building of the Barsa Campus, totaling 10,000 square meters of floor space, was completed in June 1999. What is noticeable that all the roads lead to the campus; the Tripoli road from Bahsas, going through Ras Maska, then to Barsa; the Balamand Road from Elhat, passing by Fih and Deddeh then Barsa, and the Amioun road from Abba, Daher El Ein, then Barsa, and the last one from Zgharta, Abba, Daher El Ein then Barsa.

Barsa, Koura, Lebanon
+961 6 416101/2/4
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