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Student Academic Load

Full-Time and Part-Time Loads

Registration in at least 12 credits for the Fall or Spring semester constitutes a full-time load for an undergraduate student. Otherwise, it constitutes a part-time load.


Maximum Load for Registration per Semester

The maximum load for registration during the Fall or Spring semester by any undergraduate student is either 17 credits or the number of credits specified in his or her suggested program for that particular semester. Students in good academic standing, however, can take up to 19 credits per semester provided that this number of credits does not contradict any residency requirements. Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 and above, may petition to register for one additional 3-credit course over and above the regular load. This additional load may be approved provided the residency requirements are met.


The maximum load for registration for Engineering students is specified in their suggested program.


Maximum Load for Registration in the Summer Session

The maximum load for registration by any undergraduate student in the Summer session is 9 credits or less as determined by the faculty concerned.

Maximum Load for Students on Probation

Students who are on probation may register for a maximum of 13 credits per semester of which at least 9 credits from courses that must be repeated, if any.


Maximum Load for Students with Incomplete(s)

Students who have 2 or more incomplete grades from a previous semester or the Summer session may register for a maximum of 15 credits per semester on condition the student has good academic standing.


Maximum Load for Students with Cross-Registration

The combined load for students with both registration at NDU and cross-registration in another institution must not exceed the maximum load stated above.

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