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Students enrolled at NDU may take courses at other recognized institutions of higher education.

A student registered at NDU may be permitted to cross-register if:

  • He/She expects to graduate at the end of that particular semester and the said course is not offered at NDU but is a graduation requirement.
  • The course to be taken carries the same content as that offered at NDU.
  • The student’s academic advisor sends a written statement to the NDU Admissions and Registrar’s Offices who in turn contact their counterparts of the university concerned to confirm the above-mentioned conditions.


Students enrolled at other recognized institutions of higher education may take courses at NDU.

Students studying at other universities and who wish to take courses at NDU must secure the following to facilitate cross-registration:

  • Written permission by the academic advisor to take specified courses at NDU (if any of the above mentioned conditions apply to the incoming student).
  • The above documents are submitted to the NDU Admissions and Registrar’s Offices by their counterparts.
  • Finalize registration according to cross-registration procedures at NDU.

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