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Courses and Grades

Courses taken as part of a student’s graduate study program fall in one of two categories, graduate or remedial, with different grading systems.


Graduate Level Courses

These are normally numbered 600 and above. The minimum passing grade for a graduate course is “B.” Students in graduate study are required to maintain a cumulative average of at least “B” in all courses taken for graduate credit. According to the NDU Attendance Policy, a student who is absent without excuse from more than one-third of the number of sessions in any one course, or who fails to sit for scheduled examinations, or fails to fulfill required written or oral work, will be given “F.” Results of tutorial courses and projects will be reported as Pass “P” or Fail “F.”

Grades on thesis courses may be assigned as either Pass (“P”) or Fail (“F”), or as letter grades (“A+,” “A,” etc.).

The faculties’ grading system for these courses is as follows: FAAD, FBAE, FH, FLPS and FNAS: letter grades; FE and FNHS: “P.”


Remedial Courses

These are usually undergraduate courses, taken to make up for any particular deficiencies. They do not carry graduate credit. The minimum passing grade for a remedial course is B; however, a department or program may set a higher minimum passing grade.
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