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Who We Are

In today’s rapidly changing word, lifelong learning is a must to cope with the change and maintain a competitive advantage. Due to innovations across industries, the way we do things is different every day and some practices are becoming obsolete. Lifelong learning programs exist to re-equip executives, entrepreneurs, officers, and professionals with new skills to thrive in today’s highly competitive, volatile and complex world.

Living up to its mission of fostering ongoing learning, the NDU Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) provides various world-class programs, courses and workshops for participants to learn from a network of industry leaders and practitioners and join the LLC group of change makers. The NDU LLC fosters on-going interactive learning that develops participants’ knowledge, skills, and competencies instrumental to advancing their careers.

Educational Opportunities

Now more than ever, organizations need individuals who are innovative, initiative-driven and agile. This requires a change in the mindset through continuous learning that adds knowledge, skills, and competencies to your practice.


Purposeful Approach and Actionable Impact

The top minds in business, government, media, arts, among multiple disciplines are here to share with you their knowledge, experience and best practices! You will be ready to apply what you’ve learned in your work, to launch new products and ventures, to implement functional improvements, and most importantly to discover your hidden potential!

Distinctive Learning Methods and Tools

Whether online or in presence, our programs are delivered using interactive and experiential methods through case studies, business simulations, and small group discussions, in addition to providing strategies, tools, and insights to solve our participants’ most challenging problems.

Renowned Inspirational Instructors (Faculty & Practitioners)

Drawing on ongoing research and real-world experience, our experts will change your mindset and empower you to innovate and go the extra mile.

Collaborative Environment and Networking Opportunities

Designed to encourage interaction with peers, our programs will help you collaborate, learn, and socialize with all LLC members ranging from diversified disciplines, industries, and regions. LLC helps you establish relationships that enrich your personal and professional life long after you finish the program.


LLC Value

NDU Lifelong Learning Center is a "life-changing experience." Participants will not only build their expertise, but they will also enjoy the journey of improvement on the personal and professional levels and explore the unlimited potential to grow and make a long-lasting impact.

Contact Us

For questions and guidance or feedback about any program, course or workshop, please contact us at 09-208020 or via e-mail at


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