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Our “Ateliers” are smaller workshop oriented programs which enhance the participants’ skills and passion for discovering their talents and artistic capabilities.





Economic Crisis & Mental Health

A two-day workshop about the Economic Crisis in Lebanon and its impact on the Mental Health with economic expert Razi El Hajj and mental health professional Cecilia Doumit.

The Economic Crisis in Lebanon

Lebanese Economic Model Broken after 17 October 2019

In this workshop you will learn:

  • An introduction to Macroeconomics Principles;
  • How was the Lebanese economic model working after the civil war;
  • The main structural problems in this Model;
  • Why was this model broken up;
  • The main current and future losses;
  • The Importance of a new economic model;
  • The main pillars of this model;
  • The meaning of Economic Key Words (GDP, Trade Balance, Balance of Payments, Fiscal policy Monetary policy, Haircut, Capital Control).


Mental Health Crisis

In this workshop you will learn:
  • How to be objective;
  • How to build resilience;
  • How to overcome stress;
  • How to deal with anxiety;
  • Understanding some psychological symptoms;
  • To balance between logic and emotions;
  • Tips and skills to have a mentally healthy lifestyle.

Length (Hrs.)

Razi El Hage

Cecilia Doumit

Events Management
Sara Nehme
2 Days
Phone Photography
Cliff Makhoul
12 Hrs.
Soap Making
Making soap is a basic chemical reaction between fats or oils and lye; that is it!

In this atelier, you will learn the traditional cold-process soap using natural oils and lye. You will also learn how to choose oils and infuse healing properties.   

We have it all here, but if you like to add your personal touch and take your soaps home, bring with you:

  • Some vegetable oils;
  • A fragrance or an essential oil, as desired;
  • A natural or synthetic colorant, as desired;
  • A mold to pour the raw soap into;

And let your creative inspirations flow and make all sorts of wonderful soap creations!

RoseMary Romanos
3 Hrs.
Bars of soap and ready-made olive oil soap!
Acting is the “Art of Making Believe”.

In order to deliver true feelings to the audience, the actor has to be real. In this atelier, participants will learn self-awareness through different exercises and acting techniques such as breathing, body language, voice, rhythm, and timing. In addition, they will acquire tips on interacting with the camera and the audience.

Participants will exercise “Teamwork” at its best, from brainstorming for more creativity, to communicating, listening, and emotions exchange, to end up with perfect synchronization.

Laura Khabbaz
4 Hrs.
Elie El Mir
12 Hrs.
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