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Course registration is a multi-step process that ensures your educational journey at the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) goes smoothly. Please expand each category for specific registration requirements and tuition rates.

Registration Form

Application Form


Registration Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age and older (exemption applies for Languages program).
  • Applicants must demonstrate the required proficiency to write, read, speak, and understand English (this is not applied to all programs, courses and workshops).


Registration Procedure

  • Get your application form at the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) or online. All rules, regulations, and modules' description are available.
  • Pay EPT fees at the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) or online.
  • Submit to the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) the filled application form along with two passport photos, copy of ID, and a Resume (Resumes are required for applicants registered in Executive Diploma Programs only).
  • Following your application review; some applicants can be invited for a 15-minute selection interview.
  • A letter of admission is then issued with the participant’s ID number.
  • Pay the module/workshop tuition fees at the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) or online
  • Your receipt is issued at the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) or online based on your payment method.
Tuition and Fees

Executive Programs

Residents: 1,400 USD or 5,460,000 LBP (Conversion Rate 3,900 LBP)

Non-Residents: 700 USD (Wire Transfer)

Professional Development Programs

16 Hours Modules: 1,200,000 LBP

+16 Hours Modules: 75,000 LBP is added per additional hour


16 Hours Modules: 1,200,000 LBP

+16 Hours Modules: 75,000 LBP is added per additional hour


500, 000 LBP (this amount may vary based on the workshop duration and needed material)

English Placement Test (EPT): LBP 100,000 (non-refundable)
English Language Modules: LBP 1,800,000 per module (45 hours)


  • A discount of 25% is offered for NDU students, alumni, staff, and faculty members.
  • Registration and module payment ought be done during the registration period only. Registration and payment for a module can also be done during the last session of a previous module.
  • Participants wishing to withdraw from a module shall do that before the beginning of the second session of a module for a 75% refund. In case of withdrawal from a workshop program, no refund will be made.
  • The LLC has the right to change tuition and fees without prior notice, as deemed necessary. Participants will be notified by all available means of communication.
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