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Note from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DMS). one of the largest Departments by NDU standards, with 16 full-time faculty members dedicated to research and teaching, and approximately 85 students. It offers an excellent and challenging environment to study mathematics and its applications.

Our graduates are consistently awarded with great opportunities, from receiving Fulbright scholarships to pursuing their Ph.D. Post-graduation, DMS alumni thrive in the job market, securing reputable positions at colleges, universities, business firms, and industries, mainly in Lebanon and the Arab region.

The DMS is committed to research, forming an essential part of faculty member activity, the number of articles published in international and distinguished journals always increasing.

Our society is in high demand of quality Mathematics teachers, Statisticians, Consultants, Actuarial Scientists, and Financial Mathematicians. Whether you are a potential student looking to study Mathematics or a prospective faculty member looking for an environment that supports high quality education and research, you are welcome to join our Department.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Dr. Roger Nakad

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