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Note from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (DMS) at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU).

DMS stands as one of the largest departments at NDU, boasting a team of 10 dedicated full-time faculty members committed to both research and teaching, alongside an enrollment of approximately 85 students. Within its vibrant confines, the department offers an exceptional and intellectually stimulating environment tailored for the study of mathematics and its diverse applications.

At the undergraduate level, our offerings comprise a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics (90 credits) as well as a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences (94 credits). For those seeking advanced studies, we present a Master of Science (MS) program in Mathematics (33 credits). Additionally, commencing in the fall of 2019, the DMS introduced a Master of Science in Actuarial Sciences (30 credits), a program generously supported by Chedid Re, which in turn awards scholarships to our graduate students. 

The Sciences Tutoring Center, manned by accomplished graduate fellows, provides tailored instruction and effective guidance to NDU students requiring supplementary support and enrichment. Beyond this, the department offers a diverse array of service courses meticulously designed to provide students from disciplines such as Engineering, Business, Architecture, Computer Science, and the Sciences with high-quality mathematics education. These courses further facilitate the attainment of a minor in Mathematics (15 credits) or a minor in Actuarial Sciences (18 credits).

The achievements of our alumni stand as a testament to the excellence nurtured within our department. Graduates have secured prominent positions within colleges, universities, businesses, and industries, primarily across Lebanon and the Arab countries. Notably, a portion of our alumni have embarked on global Ph.D. pursuits, with several even earning prestigious Fulbright scholarships.

Research constitutes an integral dimension of the DMS faculty's endeavors, as reflected by the mounting publication count in esteemed international journals. Our faculty members are dedicated experts with diverse areas of specialization, encompassing but not confined to Algebra, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Information Theory, Number Theory, Topology, Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research, Time Series Analysis, Category Theory, and Actuarial Sciences.

In a world where the demand for adept Mathematics teachers, accomplished Statisticians, proficient Consultants, skilled Actuarial Scientists, and astute Financial Mathematicians remains ever-high, the relevance of our department becomes increasingly apparent. Whether you are a prospective student aspiring to delve into the realm of Mathematics or a potential faculty member seeking an environment conducive to fostering top-tier education and pioneering research, we extend a warm invitation to join our department.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Dr. Mariette Maroun

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