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Note from the Chair

Our department is the first of its kind in Lebanon. As of 2018-2019, it hosts eight members with expertise ranging mainly from astrophysics and astronomy to nuclear and solid state physics.
At the undergraduate level, we offer conventional physics courses that allow students to obtain a B.S. degree in Physics. These courses include, but are not limited to, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, electric circuits, optics, modern physics, astronomy, analytical and quantum mechanics, statistical physics, solid state physics, electromagnetic theory, nuclear and particle physics.


The Department of Physics & Astronomy at NDU is currently home of four astronomers making it the flagship of observational astrophysics in the country. The department offers 6 undergraduate courses in astronomy and astrophysics. These courses range in difficulty from those that satisfy a general interest in astronomy and are open to all NDU students, to those that are at a more technical level and require more physics and math skills. Moreover, our department offers an M.S. degree in Astrophysics, jointly with Université Saint-Joseph, that is unique in Lebanon. More than a dozen students have already graduated from this M.S. and achieved or still pursuing their doctorate/Ph.D. studies all over the 5 continents. For those who would like to just have a taste of physics, our department also offers a minor in physics.

NDU physicists are actively engaged in education, research, and public outreach activities. They teach a wide range of physics and astronomy courses to a wide and varied population of NDU students. The physics courses offered to engineering students provide all engineering majors with a strong physics foundation that helps them master the basics behind all of today's machines and engineering marvels. Research activities include studying the properties of stars, instrumentation, exoplanets, interstellar medium, and active galaxies. NDU currently operates an on-campus observatory that includes a 60-cm telescope equipped with research-grade equipment. The Physics and Astronomy department takes pride in engaging undergraduate students in research. The public outreach activities of our faculty have helped in bringing the wonders of physics and astronomy to thousands of Lebanese of all ages.

Members of our department have gained national recognition for their efforts to advance astronomy and astrophysics in Lebanon. They are founding members of a national team that advises the Lebanese government on all matters related to astronomy. They are also founding members of a major Lebanese astronomy society which brings astronomy to the public and helps develop amateur astronomy skills.


NDU’s profound aspiration is to prepare students to be future leaders who can exercise reason upon knowledge and shape a world of truth, justice, love, and freedom. Nurtured by this commitment, the Department of Physics and Astronomy is to excel in education, research, and public outreach.

Dr. Bassem Sabra


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