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Mission and Vision


The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to serve NDU students by providing preparatory education, the general education core, and remedial and service courses for Science, Architecture, Business, and Engineering, and Mathematics or Actuarial Sciences majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department promotes excellence in teaching and offers a broad selection of courses that can be tailored to meet diverse student needs. Moreover, the Department is committed to enhancing and developing its research output and to supporting other professional activities.

Programs of Study

The Department offers programs in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences leading to the degrees of:
  • BS in Mathematics (90 credits)
  • BS in Actuarial Sciences (94 credits)
  • MS in Mathematics (33 credits)
  • MS in Financial Mathematics (33 credits)
  • MS in Actuarial Sciences (30 credits)

The Department also offers the following minors:
  • Minor in Mathematics (15 credits)
  • Minor in Actuarial Sciences (18 credits)


The Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Mathematics leads to a BS in Mathematics, BS in Actuarial Science, in addition to a minor in either field.

The BS in Mathematics is designed for students who value the study of mathematics for its own sake and its applications. The Mathematics track is recommended for those who seek employment in mathematics and those interested in a pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D. in preparation for a career in research or university-level teaching.

The Mathematics minor provides an excellent foundation in the subject, which can serve a student well in careers that require quantitative analysis. The Mathematics minor acts as an enjoyable supplement for students who love mathematics as they pursue another major.

The BS in Actuarial Sciences is designed for students who want to become actuaries, benefitting from a program that integrates business, economics, and mathematics. Actuaries are trained to analyze risk and are typically employed by insurance companies, banks, the government, and companies that handle retirement funds.

The minor in Actuarial Sciences is tailored to the needs of students interested in actuarial careers, especially in business. It equips students with the necessary tools to work in life and health insurance, pension funds, and financial security.

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