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Note from the Dean

Welcome to Notre Dame University-Louaize. Since our first day at the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLPS), we have always strived to push the boundaries and to promote innovation at every level, resulting in a remarkable legacy of achievements built by our alumni.

Our unique programs make us a landmark in the fields of law and political science, excellence being our daily pursuit. With our reputation, we have developed a wide network of international partners connecting us to leading schools of law, international affairs, and diplomacy.

At the Faculty, we prepare our students to venture into rich journeys at the local, regional, and international levels, that they may prosper in any position in the market at renowned institutions.

The FLPS’s highly capable and talented roster of professors will make sure to provide you with the best tools of the trade, enabling you to become the ideal professional, second to none, for a future that can only shine brighter with your intellect, skills, and contributions.

Welcome aboard. Let us rise high together to better ourselves, our Institution, and our beloved country. 

Dr. Dany Samaha, Dean

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