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Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the Faculty of Law and Political Science is to provide quality education that helps build in our students the characteristics of high intellect, moral integrity, enlightened citizenship, human solidarity, and responsible leadership in the public and private sectors.
We serve our community by enhancing awareness about rule of law, human rights, the common good, sustainable development, peace education and other basic precepts of democratic governance; and by connecting it to the rest of the world through educational networks of cooperation and original applied research.


The Faculty of Law and Political Science envisions itself as a leading national and regional platform of intellectual and scholarly discourse on issues of government, politics, international relations, and human organization. We consistently strive to provide our students and community with the most evolved education by introducing new courses and programs that cover new and expanding disciplines. The aim is to enrich the minds of our students with the most developed analytical and critical thinking approaches that transform them into leaders in the service of the community and essential interlocutors in the cultural/civilizational dialogue.


True to the Maronite Catholic traditions of NDU, FLPS is dedicated to serve as a beacon of enlightenment in the continuous search for truth and better life. In this pursuit, we are guided by a value system founded on:
  • Academic excellence;
  • Integrity;
  • Individual initiative;
  • Intellectual freedom;
  • Responsible citizenship and accountable leadership;
  • Human solidarity;
  • Conflict transformation and peace building;
  • Diversity, dialogue, and cooperation;
  • Subsidiarity;
  • Catholic Social Theory.
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