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Historical Overview

The Faculty of Law and Political Science was founded and licensed in 2000 as a Faculty of Political Science, Public Administration and Diplomacy that emerged from the Faculty of Humanities around the core degree program of International Affairs and Diplomacy.

The rapid evolution of the new Faculty was the outcome of a dedicated collaborative effort of the expert faculty members and administrators who launched a persistent campaign of courses development and programs design. This process was guided by the mission and values that the Faculty has adopted for itself, by the needs of the society/ market, and by the pioneering role of NDU that is needed in the region especially in the current critical times and that gave it a genuine advantage over competitors. The outcome of this effort presents itself in the 13 different programs and emphasis that the Faculty currently offers.

A major achievement was accomplished in 2013 with the introduction of the first fully licensed Bachelor of Lebanese Law that is taught in English and Arabic, upon which the Faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Law and Political Science. Other recent curricular development included the introduction in 2011 of an MA level emphasis in Human Rights (also a first in Lebanon) under the major of Political Science along with two new minors in Strategic Studies and Gender Studies. The Faculty implements continuous curricular review and innovations towards developing new courses and programs that serve the needs of prospective students and the mission of the Faculty.

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