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Institute of Internet & Technology Addiction

The Institute of Internet and Technology Addiction (INTA) was founded in 2018 with the aim of combatting internet and technology (IT) addiction in Lebanon. This web page comprises a database of the research into IT addiction published so far, a list of INTA Board Members, and a record of the actions and campaigns INTA has run in order to help raise awareness and examine methods of mitigating IT addiction.



INTA traces its roots back to 2008, when NDU professors Dr. Nazir Hawi, and Dr. Maya Samaha Rupert, (Board Members), began relentlessly volunteering to raise awareness about the risks associated with the addictive and problematic usage of the internet and technology.

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Inspired by the Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) Mission, the Institute for Internet and Technology Addiction (INTA) aims to be a national center of expertise in the areas of prevention, interdisciplinary research, and dissemination of knowledge related to internet and technology overuse and abuse. The institute’s main purpose is to prevent and mitigate risks related to internet and technology addiction and their associated socioeconomic and health problems, that have afflicted various population groups, while seeking to reinstate the core values of our society, moral integrity, enlightened citizenship, and overall common good.


The institute’s primary goals are to:

1. Conduct interdisciplinary research in the area of Internet and technology addiction;
2. Involve stakeholders to accomplish its mission;
3. Raise awareness among various societal groups and stakeholders about the risks of Internet and technology addiction, and promote prevention;
4. Provide support services and resources for those afflicted by this type of addiction;
5. Lobby concerned officials and policy makers to draft appropriate legislation.

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