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NDU Award for Distinction in Research

Approved by the BOD on May 26, 2010
Approved by the UC on October 18, 2010


This award recognizes full-time faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in research.




An awardee receives:
  • A monetary award: Honorarium and a research grant
  • An engraved plaque presented in an Awards Ceremony in recognition of his/her research achievements.
  • A ceremony in honor of recipient(s).


  • Full-time faculty members who have sustained their status at NDU for at least six regular semesters prior to the current academic year of nomination.
  • Research publication(s) or creative endeavor(s) that must have been presented within the last three academic years


A. Nominations

In consultation with the Dean, the Department Chairperson nominates faculty members for the award. The nominee is requested to provide the following:
  • Cover letter summarizing his/her research and/or creative accomplishments.
  • Letters of recommendation from established academicians, minimum of three. At least one letter must be from an individual outside of NDU.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date C.V. o Complete list of publications (refereed and invited publications should be so designated) o Special honors and prizes o Presentations, exhibits or concerts (invited or other) o Editorial and review positions o National or international committees or panels o Symposium, conference or program organizational responsibilities o Grants and contracts awarded o Other noteworthy achievements or activities
  • Samples of the candidate's research and/or creative accomplishments, for example, journal publications, and/or audio/visual representations of creative works.

B. Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria, as appropriate, will be used for evaluating nominations
  • Publications published in internationally recognized journals, with demonstrable impact (i.e. impact of journal and/or citations by other authors).
  • Critical reviews or published appraisals of the work under consideration.
  • Awards, grants, or other recognitions from National or International organizations with regard to the work under consideration.
  • Demonstrable utility or usefulness of the research or creative endeavor.

C. Submissions

Nomination files should be submitted as follows:
  • Full-time faculty members shall submit their files to the concerned Chairperson who will forward it to the Department Personnel Committee for review. After review by the Faculty Personnel Committee, the Dean shall give his/her assessment and submit nominations to both the VP for Academic Affairs and VP for Sponsored Research and Development.
  • Faculty members who are primarily associated with NDU Research Centers shall submit their files to the Center Director who shall submit the nominations to both the VP for Academic Affairs and VP for Sponsored Research and Development who give their written assessment and send the nominations to the URB for further review.
  • All nomination files will be reviewed by a Presidential Review Committee, appointed by the President based upon the recommendations of the VPAA and the VPSRD.
  • The President deliberates and takes final action.

D. Suggested Deadlines

  • End of fall semester, as indicated in the University calendar, is the deadline for submission of completed nomination files to the head of the concerned unit.
  • Decisions shall be announced before the end of the spring semester, as indicated in the University calendar.
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