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Master of Arts in Media Studies

Master of Arts in English Language and Literature - Applied Linguistics and TEFL

Master of Arts in English Language and Literature - Literature

Master of Arts in Translation - Interpretation Concentration

Master of Arts in Translation - Translation Concentration

Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Psychology - Educational Psychology


Tuition Fees

Tuition/Credit Hour: LBP 795,000

Financial Aid

The Graduate Program at NDU offers a number of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships based on an applicant’s academic qualifications and can cover the full or partial cost of tuition.
Fellowships are awarded on scholastic excellence and adequate preparation for graduate study, as attested by academic records and letters of recommendation.
Graduate assistantships, i.e. teaching, research, and academic, provide financial aid to outstanding students who must maintain a good academic standing. Such students can offer the University valuable services.


“As a master’s alumna of the Faculty of Humanities (FH) at NDU, I got the chance to be mentored by the top instructors in the field. I have mastered valuable courses that expanded my knowledge of media and communication, and fortified my writing skills, allowing me to write and publish my first novel. Today, I can proudly say that learning research methodology from my expert supervisors at NDU led me to become a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology of Communication.”

Tamara Abi-Khalil | 2015, Alumna
Ph.D. candidate in Psychology of Communication, UAB, Barcelona


State-of-the-art laboratory and learning spaces equipped with cutting-edge facilities in the studio and other spaces of learning attest to the Faculty’s agility to engage students in a vibrant and interactive hands-on learning environment.

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