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Climate change presents a real threat that has environmental, social, economic and political impacts worldwide and in the Middle East and Mediterranean region.  Water scarcity threatens food security by reducing agricultural productivity and hindering human health and economic development. The debate is no longer about: Will our climate change? but rather about 'How will it change, how can we cope with its impacts (adaptation), and how can we limit future climate change (mitigation)?


Today, climate change education depends on interdisciplinary knowledge and practice. The minor in Climate Change and Sustainability Policy will offer you the necessary knowledge, skills, and attributes to tackle challenges of climate change and become agents of change locally and globally.
Choosing the CLIMASP minor combined with any major degree will give you the opportunity to pursue a second area of interest that can open significant career opportunities, besides building knowledge and skills in the area that fulfills your personal interests.


If you are an NDU student and you would like to earn a Minor degree in CLIMATE CHANGE and SUSTAINABILITY POLICY and a EURO-ARAB PASS diploma, read well this site!



The project aims to develop an undergraduate interdisciplinary program on climate change and sustainability policy (CLIMASP) at the 10 participating higher education institutions in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.


CLIMASP Partners


University of Crete (Greece)
Leuphana University (Germany)
Frederick University (Cyprus)


Notre Dame University-Louaize
Lebanese American University


Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development
Suez Canal University
Aswan University
Port Said University


The University of Jordan
Hashemite University
American University of Madaba
Jerash Private University


Jordan Environment Society, Jordan
Education for Employment Foundation, Egypt
Egyptian  Business Women Association, Egypt


Coordinating Institution

University of Crete
Faculty of Education
Dept. of Primary Education
74100 Rethymnon, Crete, Greece



The CLIMASP minor at NDU presents an interdisciplinary study program with four different faculties (Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Law and Political Science) involved in its development, with a focus on the three areas:

  • Climate Change, Environment and Society
  • Climate Change, Economics and Public Policy
  • Climate Change, Science and Technology


How To Register

To register in CLIMASP minor programme, you need to register for courses offered by the CLIMASP project. You can organize your program of study with the following faculty members depending on your major:

  • Omar Sakr, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (osakr@ndu.edu.lb)
  • Talal Salem, Faculty of Engineering (tsalem@ndu.edu.lb)
  • Tanos El Hage, Faculty of Applied and Natural Sciences (thage@ndu.edu.lb)
  • George Labaki, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (glabaki@ndu.edu.lb)


Students will be provided a formal credential through transcript documentation (Euro-Arabpass) adapting the Europass diploma to certify that they have developed leadership in the field of climate change and sustainability policy.


Why Choose the CLIMASP Minor?

  • Open for you significant career opportunities
  • Provide you with more hands-on experiences
  • Help you shape your future path
  • Enrich your major study programmes
  • Add  depth and breadth to your studies


For more information, you can visit http://www.ictinesd.org/unescochair/climasp/


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