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Canadian Friends of NDU (CAF)

Friends of NDU Foundation Canada

The Friends of NDU Foundation Canada was founded in 1998 under the Canada Corporations Act to further cultural and educational links between Canada and Notre Dame University-Louaize in accordance with the University's mission. The foundation is a legal entity operating in all of Canada



In line with the University's Mission and Core Values, Canadian Friends of NDU seeks to strengthen ties between NDU and the Canadian and Canadian-Lebanese community through educational and cultural exchanges. CAF serves as liaison to local and national authorities to ensure that University's presence is firmly established in Canada, and supports the University's outreach to Canadian individuals and institutions alike.


Goals and Objectives

The Foundation's non-profit activities:

  • Serve as the official forum of NDU alumni and supporters residing in Canada who are committed to NDU's role as the preeminent English-language Maronite Catholic University in Lebanon
  • Promote educational exchanges between NDU and Canadian universities, especially Canadian students of Lebanese origin who wish to study in Lebanon
  • Lend support to NDU's institutional development goals by identifying targets of opportunity and communicating these to the University
  • Engage in philanthropic activities that further the Foundation's mission, such as annual scholarship drives for Lebanese heritage students to study in Lebanon
  • Facilitate contact between NDU and Canadian institutions of higher learning to strengthen the University's presence in Canada, a keystone of the University's internationalization efforts
  • Offer advice and guidance in matters related to Canadian higher education law and policy
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