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Pastoral Support

We all have our personal worries and fears; and oftentimes we think that we are alone, carrying the burdens of the whole world on our shoulders.


Whether you are faculty, staff, or student at NDU, Campus Ministry is here to help you and offer you spiritual counseling.


We can help you discover your vocation in life and find answers to difficult questions; deal with the death of a loved one or support you spiritually if you or a family member suffers from illness.


At Campus Ministry, our priests will help you understand that God is a loving and merciful Father who believes in each and every one of you.


You can turn to us for:

Spiritual Accompaniment

Our priests can guide you to make the right decisions and nourish your relationship with God by helping you realize the importance of His presence in your life.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Through confession, you can seek God’s forgiveness and restore your inner peace. Our priests are available to hear your confessions on weekdays, during regular office hours.

Grief Support

We offer you support and consolation in the case where you have suffered the loss of a family member or a friend. Additionally, Campus Ministry always celebrates a Memorial Mass for the repose of the soul of your loved ones, for Holy Mass is the greatest Act of Love we can offer.


Family Illness Support

Campus Ministry fully engages in helping you spiritually if you are facing family problems, illness, or other issues that weigh on your spirit and impact your daily life.

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